What social media favored by google?

is there any social media favored google other than g+ ?

No, I don’t think so that there is any social media favored by Google other than Google+. Although Google provides information about several social media sites.

I think google is not do so. It supports and ranking many social media sites. So i think google accept all these.


As youtube owned by Google I think google loves youtube ! that why many people and I earn some income from youtube …!!!
of course Google likes others social as well too

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Google+ seems to be very popular with Google.

Pinterest also gets page one rankings as well lately. Test it out for yourself.


I would think the one’s they use as social signals are the one’s they favor. I just know Twitter and Facebook for sure, and of course Google+. These are confirmed by Matt Cutts that they use as part of their ranking algorithm.

I think it’s not the way how Google works. For example if you use its searching system you will find all the social sites there and of course the most popular ones will be on the top of the list.

Google has algorithms that goes same for every social network so there is no favouritism in Google search results with respect to social media.

Google is fair as always! Base on their published news and articles about them, they’re not biased. Though, they will allow it to be sure that people and businesses can further improve their visibility through Google search engine result page.

Google does not give priority for its owned website. You can get good results by getting high PR websites.

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