Facebook v/s google+

What do you think, who is gonna win the race for the better social networking site and why ?

Google+ is a social networking website, sort of like Facebook. It is in beta right now, and they are only allowing select people to try it: http://google.com/plus

Obviously facebook is the de facto standard. Google+ will fail just like Buzz did. Google themselves recommended businesses not to try using Google+ for now (that is IF they could even get in to begin with).

I don’t think that Google is in the social game to beat Facebook in number of users. Google is in the social game to defend it’s core search business as it needs to get social signals for search results going forward.

If google+ becomes a strong number 2 to Facebook it will be a success and it will force Facebook in innovate as well which will be good for everybody.

This topic is already being discussed in this thread: http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/social-media-71/google-plus-thoughts-experiences-767176.html.

There is no need to start a similar discussion here.

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