What should I do?

Should I use a VPS from hostingsource.com or qhoster.com?

Plan to host a blog.
Any ideas?

For a blog should I use WordPress and a “normal” web hosting. There is no need for a VPS for that simple purpose.

Using a VPS is more complicated as you may have to manage all by yourself. If there is a real need to use a VPS I should use one of the more known (digitalocean.com, vultr.com or linode.com). I should avoid the big three (google, aws or azure) because of their complicated price lists. I chose Upcloud.com for the simplicity.

To choose a place to host a site, blog or whatever is mainly a personal preference. There is no best host. Read the reviews of the host.

You don’t need to invest that much is VPS they are expensive and difficult to manage. I would recommend if you site is huge and with heavy traffic that is beyond shared hosting. For a new blog it’s always affordable to start with shared hosting. The are ample options available in the market.

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