What link building techniques are still ok in 2013 -- ecommerce site specific

I have been hired to perform link building and marketing for a new ecommerce site currently in pre launch. I have been out of the link building game for 3+ years now and the cursory research I have done shows that I have a lot to catch up on.

I was wondering if anyone had a clear understanding of what link building techniques (other than creating great content blah blah) are still considered white hat in 2013?

I read google’s updated webmaster guidelines and it seems like most techniques i was familiar with in the past are now considered spam or grey hat.

Also, does anyone have any link building tips specifically geared towards ecommerce (i have a blog installed already for article content)?

Basically, Google isn’t interested in any links that you (as someone involved with the website) create. Because that doesn’t in any way help it to get a handle on how popular the website is or how many people are linking to it. So any links that you have seeded are going to be of minimal and declining value. The only real advantage to seeding your own links is if you have a site where some of the inner pages just aren’t getting crawled, despite submitting a sitemap, and then getting some direct deep links out there might help to draw Googlebot in to visit those pages.

are you telling me not to bother building links to my site then? if link building is dead what strategies can i use to build traffic?

Link building is still the most powerful aspect of SEO. It’s what Google’s search engine is built on. However, manual link building is as good as dead, and building a strategy for organic link building is what any reputable marketing firm handles today.

In terms of building traffic, getting links to your site can be really useful. If you can get links out there on relevant sites then these can drive a lot of direct traffic – ie, people looking at that website and clicking on the link to reach your site. But don’t expect Google to automatically improve your ranking just because you’re putting more links out there.

Yes, past ew months change lots of things of SEO. There are lots of new webmaster guideline and Google updates its algos. So these days link building is done very carefully. If you do wrong posting, then your are penalized by Google.

For the link building in 2013, every person tell other SEO technique for the link building. None of person said that if you follow this strategy than you will get maximum benefit from it. So, every SEO analyst suggest its own technique and doing that for link building.

Link building techniques and ideas has changed over the past few years. After Google’s algorithm’s updation, we should avoid spammy and black hat SEO and only follow white hat or ethical process. Definitely there are some of new webmaster guidelines. So We have to do link building very carefully. You wanted to learn Ecommerce site specific SEO. Every SEO expert has suggested different techniques. But should follow the latest techniques for your website. Some useful SEO link building techniques are :

Guest Blog
Article Submission ( top sites )
Doc sharing
Forum Participation

Every technique you’ve mentioned is proven to be worthless. All this will get you is a lot of wasted time, and a reputation as a spammer.

Hi user007007

Recently hired to build links? Ouch! You’ve kind of jumped right into the fire…

What StevieD and Ultimate said is accurate. But there is some light at the end of this dark tunnel.

From what I read and see, brand new sites are having an easier time ranking quickly with a fairly small link collection. It’s a glitch with Google loving fresh content, but the glitch don’t last long because soon you aren’t so fresh anymore.

So forget about getting 1000’s or even 100’s of links. Think about getting just a couple dozen really good ones. Fortunately you already have a blog on site, because your going to need it.

How to get them? Depends on what your site is selling, and what your blog is about. You’re going to have to talk to people by email, on forums, by twitter, and even by phone. Try to find compatible (not competing) stores make a deal to write a how-to type article specifically for them that contains an appropriate link back to your site. Let a few of the right folks do guest posts on your blog in exchange for help getting a link on another site or in another blog post they are working on. Participate in Google+ since it is a good place to occasionally (rarely really) get links to your pages or posts. And it is a great place to network with others in your uncomfortable shoes.

It would help if we had a clue what sort of stuff your store sells. Housewares, car parts, DVDs, what?

Checking out the link profiles of your good competitors is another way to get ideas for where to get links. Focus on the “follow” links.

After reading my post, it felt a bit negative. Maybe because I have two ecommerce sites and also struggle with getting new links.

Here some some more positive resources:

moz.com is a helpful “white hat” SEO kind of place. Check the resources at http://moz.com/webinars and at http://moz.com/blog Also occasionally look thru their forum at http://moz.com/community/q

Google+ has some good communities that focus on SEO and Social Media. Also check out the Google Authorship communities.

Here are a couple articles I got from G+ just today that summarize modern good link building strategy:
I have no knowledge or connection to explodeseo. I just found their articles worthwhile and so I shared a link to them. And that’s what modern link building is all about…