What kind of item is most important for ide?

As we all know HTML5 games is very fast and easy to develop,but there will also be many problems. What trouble you when developing HTML5 games? A function to realize?Project management?I list some choices, would you like to share what is your pain? I would like to make a tool to help you solve it!

For Project Management
1.Version control
2.Source management
3.Code management
4.Others (Please list them!) _____

For Function Modules
1.Plug-in (spine,texturepacker,tiled,or other plug-ins)
3.collision module
4.Physics engine
5.Game publish
6.how to make money?ads SDK,payment SDK?And integrate them
7.Effect to realize
8.others (Please list them!) _____

Let me know your opinion!Thanks!

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Deciding which design pattern technique to use, and the refactor techniques to apply to get there.
Oh, and detecting code smells.

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That’s my fault, IDE there means the tool , engine or even framework to help game developing. It may provide UI editor, many elements , help you realize WYSIWYG. Like U3D ,but this is for JS

So is what Paul posted.


I think IDEs need to be quick. I have ADD and get very distracted by initial loading time, or realoading a large file. I’d rather a simple faster editor, like SublimeText, than a full IDE most of the time. Especially for JS, where libraries may be huge.

All the other sugar can be used outside of it. Chrome has made JS development very nice and can basically do everything an IDE can do, but is bad at editing code.

You seem to have a lot of the ide stuff already covered in the top post. Will assistance with coding also be provided?

Yes, of course. It is a little different from normal code editor, you can see the result at the same time even coding a word.

I mean U3D us C/C++/C# ,and HTML5 games use Javascript

Thank you for your reply. Quick , efficient is the target without a doubt.
How long will you stand for loading time?I know the waiting time feel like one year.

No longer than 400ms. You may want to read up on the Doherty threshold.

Thanks, from the Doherty threshold, 400ms is the limit of perception, what about the frozen limit for you?
Maybe it depends on how much you want to use the project or other function.
For example, if I open the Excel ,and it stay at loading scene longer than 10 secs, I will doubt if it crashed
But for a favorite game, I can wait till 1 min.

What’s more, if there will be a waiting animation, I will wait longer.

For me, I don’t mind waiting so much as long as I know it isn’t a hang.

For example, some CLI processes can take quite a while. But if I see lines scrolling by I don’t mind.
It’s when it sits there with no prompt I start to get impatient and start wondering if I’ll need to kill it.

I’ve been using both Sublime Text and Atom editors, and it was only a few days until I stopped using Atom due to performance problems when starting up and at other times.

Only later did I find out about the Doherty threshold. Regardless of that though, you’ve got to be faster than anything else that’s out there.

I think even shorter than that when your’e talking about switching between files and stuff inside, once the program is loaded. It’s actually not that bad in Atom, but it’s enough for me to notice. Most IDEs are even worse, especially if you haven’t opened something yet. I’m spoiled and want something to open instantly.

edit: just noticed you said something similar in your reply :smiley:

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