Js game libraries

Is there one you’d recommend over others.
Looked a gamequery, & now looking over crafty.js
Was wondering if anyone here uses game libraries quite a bit & if they have a fave.

I started making this map editor as a Custom Post Type in WordPress using Phaser (a super early version, like version 0.0.1)

It’s free, and they even have an online code editor with some samples for you to play around with. It’s easier to learn than some of the other game engines (click through these different tabs to see what it looks like). Depending on the complexity it might be a bit much though.

Are you doing this for fun or for a project?

I used to have a few clients that hired me for little mini-games for Christmas e-cards each year, and the different ones I have paid experience with are:

  • Crafty - You mentioned it already, but I found this one a little harder to learn. Phaser handles a lot of stuff automatically that you have to do manually with Crafty
  • Quintus - This one is OK. The e-card I made with it wasn’t really complex so I didn’t really have a chance to explore it. I remember it having a nice jQuery-feel, so if you know jQuery you’ll pick this up pretty quickly.

There are some commercial ones out there that look really good that let you drag-and-drop games together, like Construct 2, but they’re usually really expensive.

If you’re doing this for fun I definitely recommend Phaser. They have a really awesome community, their docs are great, and it’s a joy to play with. It’s also fairly easy to pick up.

Wow…that looks really neat!
Yes just for fun and the practice. Thank you for the info, will check out Phaser

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