New development tools for HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

What new development tools do you use for rapid web application development? We all know the common development needs, cross brower support, graceful degrading, accessibility etc. I’m no longer finding a simple text editor (I use TextPad mostly) to be a productive tool.

I’m not only asking about tools as in software, what new processes do you use for this new age of development?

i’m not sure if this is what you want but you already tried eclipse and net beans? aaa almost forgot, DreamWeaver is really good but it’s kind expensive

about the processes i’m not sure if i get it, but you may want to know the good practices to make always you are programming, where start…
but first you need to think in the project, and the try find simple solutions for what you want, and then research about it…
that what i do when i start to develop a new project at last

So, start at the beginning I suppose.

As far as editors are concerned, I use Komodo IDE (made by ActiveState) primarily for HTML/CSS/JS editing, though I work with a .NET team and so occasionally work in Visual Studio as well. Important features to look out for are good code completion (inluding code completion for files in your current project), project/logical file management to make sure you don’t have to continuously go back to find files, source control integration is a nice bonus so you can commit / update / etc. from within the IDE. (Of course these features are things I find important, amongst many others.)

Source Control
IMHO source control is one of the most important things you can have going on for your projects, even when I freelance and I’m the only person working on a particular code base, I use source control.

Continuous Integration / Deployment
CI is especially good for teams of multiple developers. As soon as you commit something to source control, the build server will grab the latest version from source control, build it and deploy it (to a staging server). This way if anyone breaks the build (for example because they forgot to add a file to source control); the CI server won’t complete the build and throw an error (and many CI servers have the capability to send out a message to a notification app that runs on the dev’s machine).

Are these the sort of processes / tools you were talking about?