Which is better to use

Hi, I want to ask some help which is better to use when we are doing javascript code…is it okay to use notepad++ or Dreamweaver or other editor?..is there a good editor or IDE in making javascript or developing some web page.Thank you in advance.

Use whatever you like - I think notepad++ is acceptable as anything that can highlight your code and do some basic completion is. Your main working area will probably be browser anyway.

Thank you for the reply…does notepad++ has the intellesence?

what about eclipse…is that okay to use?

It all really comes down to personal preference…

I’ve been using Komodo IDE for a while, I quite like it, but there a few you might like to try:

Picking an editor is a bit like picking a car, you try to find one that looks good and has everything under the hood that you need, ultimately though you should test drive a few to make sure you pick the right one. (Except it’s a lot easier to switch if you’re not happy with your initial choice ;))

Hi AussieJohn, Thank you for the reply and for the advice…Okay i give a try on this IDE.

Are these also can handle any language like PHp,CSS,HTML…?

  • Komodo Edit
  • Aptana Studio
  • JetBrains WebStorm

Pretty sure all of those will handle multiple languages quite well.

Thank you AussieJohn

Is it okay to ask. what are you using now?

I generally like something that has the following:

-code completion/assist
-code collapse
-syntax highlighting
-live view (though not as important since most of your work will be in the browser)
-support for JQuery
-IDE customization
-Integrated Debugging tools
-Built-in Console and Terminal
-Support for JavaScript, PHP, HTML 5, Ruby, CSS, etc.

Dreamweaver, for instance has “code navigator” which is essentially its version of “firebug”; and even though it is significantly less intuitive (as are a number of development tools in this IDE), the functionality is still there. I also like Aptana because it has many of the features I just mentioned. Additionally, the coding space is just plain pretty.

yeah i like aptana too…but the problem is i don’t know how to run the php files in firefox it always shows blank page…but i did a couple of research on how to configure aptana in wamp server,but still doesn’t work…any idea?

Have you tried changing your port number? By default (I think), WAMP Server listens on port 80. But I have no idea concerning what that means regarding what port you should use for Aptana. Have you tried the PHP forum?

Nope…but if i will open wamp and then i will go to localhost then select the folder,it will load now my php files and display in firefox.but what i want is that i want only Aptana to launch my php files and display in firefox,so that it would not be hustle for me to navigate in wamp anymore.

Hi, i just want to ask some help about using aptana,how did you do when you have a html file then you put php code on it,it will generate error something missing “<” ,…or this is not be done in aptana studio it should be php file then html code.

If you want to mix HTML and PHP together then you should use a PHP file so that the server knows to pass the PHP code to the PHP interpreter.

e.g. example.php

    // Some PHP stuff here
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html xml:lang="en-au" lang="en-au">
    <meta charset="utf-8">
    <div id="content">
            // Some PHP stuff here

Thank you so much for enlighten my mind.more power to you always