What is your favorite hobby?

hi all!
what is your hobby? DO you have any unique and interesting hobby to tell?

Why do you want to know? Why don’t you start by telling us about your hobby?
I don’t want to be rude, but to start an interesting discussion (and this one might become one, depending on the hobbies ;)) it would be nice to post more than just a question. :slight_smile:

My hobby is not unique, a hobby of all the ladies that is doing shopping.

okay sure! I have no objection to share my hobby. I love to gossip and discuss things and ask questions :smiley:
and web surfing is my hobby :slight_smile:

web surfing is a hobby?

my favorite hobby is to playing guitar.

If it ain’t work, it must be a hobby :slight_smile:

I love playing football (but got a back injury, so that’s a no-no for now), reading books, watching movies, travel.

My favorite hobby is travelling.

not necessary… i eat, sleep and breathe, but i wouldn’t call it a hobby :wink:

anyway, i play guitar, piano, drums, snowboarding, skiing, mountaineering, waterskiing, read, photograph, video editing, write and compose music, write and reads poetry, fish and a lot of other things… i almost have no time left to work :smiley:

My favorite hobby is reading.

My favourite hobby is cooking. especially chicken

well to me its a hobby! when i have nothing else to do i turn on my Pc and search on web

Playing computer games and participating in adventure activities are my hobbies.

I have some standard hobbies, like web surfing, reading, and gaming (of both the video and board varieties), but I also have a rather… quirky hobby: I like creating languages. I’m currently working on a “sister” language to English, based off of Anglo-Saxon.

I’m not weird! At least not in a bad way! :shifty:

Any other conlangers on the board?

My hobby is surfing (not web :slight_smile: )

Photography is my hobby.

My favorite hobby is playing and watching football. And I am a big time fan of Manchester United.

hmmm… out of shopping, chatting, gossiping (lol) , surfing net, making new friends,
my favorite is…aaa…
gosh… Its really hard to decide… I think chatting

Listening music is my favorite hobby.

My favourite hobby is reading newspaper which makes me interesting to find difficult words.