What are your hobbies?

What are your hobbies? I like to play the guitar, keyboard, harmonica. I also write songs and sing. I also dig all kinds of art such as digital photography and cartooning. I want to start oil painting with my wacky style. Maybe I can sell them. I bet I can. I started working out with a camp at boot camp a few years ago. There’s more to me than just complaining and asking needy questions. :rofl:

So what are you hobbies?

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Reading, Riting and Rithmetric

Chatting with my hmm… special someone:) Reading books and net surfing.

Cooking and make new things with wast material .

Too much hobbies: photography, aikido, guitar, sitepointing, tv-series, traveling, …
Always in need for spare time… days are too short!

Listening music and think new ideas for home improvement.

My hobbies are fishing and biking. I feel so good when I do my hobbies during my free time.

My hobbies is just as following :

  1. watch the movies
  2. surf the internet
  3. reading some books about the honor

I like cooking,my wife likes the food I make,every time when I place the food I do on dining-table,shw always says “it is dilicious”,I know it is not true sometimes,the reason why she says dilicious is it makes me cook every day,she can watch tv when she off duty.:smiley:

Alright, guys and gals, it’s been fun!
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Thread closed.

I like

Programming, working on my car, Watching movies/series, gaming. I also love reading car magazines and books.

Singing, playing baketball and traveling.

I like watching movie and listening music.

My hobbies are many & varied. I like playing the piano, guitar, harmonium. I am an avid reader, I love water sports, sailing, cycling, walking my dogs, travelling & meeting people from different countries.

I draw pointless pictures to verify my insanity to the world.

  • self improvement.

I create a varied persona on internet message boards, abandon it, hide in anticipatory wait for four years, and fling my body back into the masses with wanton regard for whether anyone remembers me or not.

Read the news, reading, playing

Fishing is really nice…I’d like too but you need much time and money for tools…