What's Your favorite Pastime?

Let’s know a bit of ourselves, a simple enquiry, please be honest in your answer.

We start like this:–

“What’s your favorite Pastime?”

For me, it’s internet surfing.

:rofl: :lol: :rofl: :lol: :rofl: :lol: :rofl: :lol: :rofl:

Web Designing/Publishing :slight_smile:

Doing something creative, that might be using Photoshop, painting and drawing in the physical world, gardening (which I can do year round in Florida), baking and cooking. I also love writing little stories and illustrating them. Making pretty cards for my friends and often learning new things in a wide field of interests. I sure would love to have 100 hours every day – Datura :nod:

I have a few things:
i) designing
ii) surfing
iii) Return To Castle Wolfenstein (a classic)

  1. Boxing
  2. Parties

Reading, Going to the movies, Concerts, Going out to eat.

Playing basketball, it’s been a while though :frowning: Playing some PC games. Also lately I’m getting into reading philosophy a little bit… Oh and watching a game on TV, having some beer – that’s cool too.

Listening to music. I listen to it practically all day long, either in the background to relax, or right up front and loud to enjoy it if nothing else is going on. I even have it playing while I’m doing homework, that way I can’t hear the TV and get distracted, and I can actually concentrate better.

This is just a recent development, though, which is weird. I used to rarely listen to music, except for playing classical music on the piano and sometimes every so often listening to it.

ITunes reports 5:15:50 worth of music (48 songs). Should be improving that soon.

1/ family
2/ fencing
3/ guitar- blues/ rock

  1. Surfing (waves, in the sea)
  2. Squash
  3. Watching gripping TV series like 24 and Prison Break
  4. Sex

[Not necessarily in the order given]

If I had more time and money, than 3d art is all I would do. That and running.

Midget Tossing

outdoors type of sports: camping, hunting, hiking, fishing, etc
pc gaming: UT, C & C…

:drink:, :cd:, :camera:, :lman:, :badpc:

Get a mac dude ^. If meant otherwise Docquesting runs to the phone to call the FBI.

Me? Web developing. Oh TV for relaxing my brain.

I like to combine the two.

When I’m not doing that:
taking the dogs for a walk
going to the gym
kicking a football down the park
watching movies

Things I used to do but haven’t done for a while:
playing guitar

I tried it for awhile but people stopped inviting me to their parties, so now I keep 'em seperate.

Would love to see them.

[FONT=“Georgia”]My favourite past-time would probably be hiking.

My usual past-time is playing pool (the real-life kind, NOT the Yahoo kind).[/FONT]


Oh yeah, and well surfing the 'net and SitePoint obviously.

Eh? :confused: I thought that’s all you Kiwis did at parties. :stuck_out_tongue: