What is today’s best practice in SEO?

I am using blog posting, forum posting, comment posting, article submission to get website on the ranking track.
What is today’s Best Practice to get more back links and increase website ranking?

Do Competitor Analysis. check out what your competitor did, from where he got the backlinks. Search and submit you link. I think this is the best practice to get more backlinks.

Also you can try guest blogging and profile linking.

We have the same tactics using for SEO, but lately i just found out that submitting a video from video hosting sites will actually help your site as well. Interms of traffic and ranking.

The best tactic is good onsite SEO then offsite by building links. Good page structure, keyword content, static url, meta title and description.

The best way is go for quality back links by link exchange.

Looking at your competition’s work will always keep you one step behind them.

If that’s what you want, it’s a good low-effort approach.

You asked two questions, more backlinks, and improved rankings.

Getting back links is a can of worms and with Google getting smarter and smarter it’s important to know what will be a wasted effort and what can get you penalized. SEOs are still trying to pin this down as the only way to know is to test strategies. One thing is for certain, unique links, on related pages, within trusted domains, will always get you better rank for those terms.

Start talking about your business, answer questions related to your business, and get links in there so that Google sees unique content pointing to your site. You just can’t go wrong there and you can easily outrank a competitor who is getting stripped of their ranking because they have a ton of spam links and/or unrelated link content.

Plus you make the web a better place in the process by staying on topic and making unique contributions. Win win.

What’s the best way to do an competitor analysis for those that don’t know? The best practice of SEO is creating quality content and getting links - that’s the best practice.

The things i have found to be most true when trying to improve your rankings in the serps is Backlink Quantity, Backlink type variation, Keyword variation in the anchor text and matching anchor text on the landing page. Relevancy only matters in terms of matching anchor text in the link to the landing page. I use Odesk a lot to manage large teams of off-shore workers who do all my link building. Backlinkteam is also good and still cheap for an american based company.

I think you just won the award for the worst answer ever! Seriously, link exchanges are terrible and are the quickest way to find yourself in the sandbox.

All of these methods are effective. It depends on what method you are comfortable of doing it. I have great success with forum signatures, linkwheels, article marketing, and giving away free wordpress themes with my links on footer.

Sorry but link exchange is dead couple of years ago…

Absolutely right because by this way you can beat your competitor and get good position in search engines.

One more thing is do regular link building for your website. If your website ranked good then also continue with link building because your competitor will not quite.


I think nothing can beat quality backlinks from high PR websites, quality content. Also try and have a blog for your website which you update regularly with unique and relevant content with your main KWS.

The best practice in SEO is to buy permanent links PR4-6 :slight_smile:

in my point of view the key of success is, optimize your website according to visitors and you will see Google will start loving you

By “best practice” you seem to mean “really bad dumb idea”, which is a different definition to what most people use :eek:

Any links you buy must be marked as “nofollow”, which means Google will completely ignore them.

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