SEO & Backlinking techniques

All experts plz help me to find a way to increase backlinks to my site.

Why don’t you start by identifying what you have tried? Give us some detail about what you have seen as far as your traffic goes, etc. Kind of hard for us to give advice we you give us absolutely nothing to go on…

I just want to know how can i find sites to link my site to, by commenting on their sites?
Can you help me out in that?

If u want to increase backlinks to your site you can do various thing like blog submission,blog commenting,forum submission,press releases,article submission…But remember the content u post must be quality content so that it attracts the reader…

You need to find out the backlink sources and then you need to focus on the quality of the backlinks! You may use Moz’s Open Site Explorer to find out the quantity and quality of every backlinks. Try to get rid off the harmful backlinks by disavowing those using Google Webmaster’s link disavow tool. Henceforth, focus on guest blogging by writing informative articles for the relevant blogs with good domain authority. Share the published article’s links with various niche groups of leading social medias. Remember it is the time to focus on the quality of the backlinks and not on the quantity.So, before sending any article to any blog owner , please don’t forget to check the DA,PA and PR(homepage) of the blog.

There are important factors to increase backlinks to your site:-

  1. URL Submission:- Submit your site URL to the top most search engine like google, yahoo, bing and many more so that it will crawl your web site.

  2. Directory Submission:- Submit your site to High PR directory list sites either free or paid.

  3. Social Bookmarking Submission:- Submit your site to the top most social media sites or create fan’s page to increase backlinks from sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

  4. Article Posting:- Write your own article about your site, description and many more and submit to top most high PR Sites like:-, and many more.

  5. Blog Creation:- Make your own blog about your website products features, or any other activities so that you increase your website popularity.

Can you tell me more about Blog Commenting, how can i do that?

Thanks for your response, techniques you suggested seems to be quiet useful. Also i want to know more about blog post, is it same as Article submissions. I’ve tried submitting my articles to submission directories like squiddo, Goarticle, Articlebase & so on. Are they gonna help?

Thanks for your response. Can you tell me more about Social bookmarking, i mean how to do it so that it is not considered as spam?

You can’t. If you’re planting links to your website out there, it’s either self-promotion (if it’s your own profile), in which case Google will quickly cotton on and stop considering those links as having any value, or outright spam (if it’s on other people’s profiles), in which case you run a bigger risk of Google seeing your spam.

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