What is this effect called and how to creat it in ps

I would like to know what the effect attached is called and whether there is a good tutorial to create it thanks

I would try finding tutorials on how to render similar looking items such as rocks and sand and going from there. But to me it looks like some combination of the use of noise filter gradients and probably clouds/difference of clouds

If it’s even an effect at all. It could be a close up of paper, wood, etc with some creative lighting. But you could try searching for texture effect tutorials. After you read a few, try coming up with your own.

Looks like a texture image with an overlaying layer (blurred oblique black&white stripes) in Overlay or Soft/Hard/Vivid Light blending mode.

thanks will try these out

As said above it does look more like a texture. I would search for textures over the net and you may be able to come across it.

To me this looks like a 3d render :slight_smile: Doesn’t look real enough to be a photograph, and the shadows seem too good to be a photoshop job