What is the history behind Friday 13th?

Where did it start? How has it evolved?
I want to know a different story? in greece its tuesday the 13th. highly inlucky day because that day in May 1453, the turks won and took Konstantinoupoli (today Istanbul). it was the end of the Byzantium era and till today, that day is a black day

The story I was always told was that it was connected to Easter Friday according to Christian teaching the day of Jesus’ death and the 13th disciple being Judas.

But I have heard that, that particular story is fairly modern, and that the 13th is bad luck during the early roman empire period and that their calendar had a particular event at this time but I can’t honestly say if these versions is just urban legend or has any historical basis.

There has been so many myths with this Friday 13th thing. Some people say it was Judas’ death while some say it was a bad luck day for the Roman while others have varying stories. For me it’s a simple as usual day!!

That 13 is an awkward number of items to divide equally made that number unlucky long before anyone invented writing so as to write down why.

13 was also unlucky for bakers who when a minimum average loaf weight law was introduced were forced to add a 13th loaf to each dozen loaves in order to ensure that the dozen wasn’t underweight.

The 13th floor of a building is unlucky because fire fighting equipment for many years only had ladders that could reach the 12th floor.

I have no idea why Friday is considered unlucky but that is for reasons totally separate from why the 13th is unlucky. That may be of more recent origin.

Friday 13th is unlucky for both reasons and so the doubly unlucky day is remembered as being unlucky even by those who have lost track of the fact that 13 and Friday each have separate reasons for being unlucky.

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[FONT=“Georgia”]From what I remember from History Channel, it’s related to the Templar.

I think it was the day King Whoever arrested and killed many of them under charges of obscenity, heresy, homosexuality, and a string of others to evade paying a debt that was owed to them (they were among the earliest bankers).

But that may or may not be the real or only reason Friday 13th became considered special.


Yeah, that’s the theory I’ve heard touted as the most likely.

:stuck_out_tongue: That 13th day of a month falling on a Friday is really freakish when a black cat passes in front of you and the ghost chasing it walks right through you. Man, that is a cursed day where you can look right down to the fires of hell. Best to get your amulet to protect you. :stuck_out_tongue:

It is the day the French King and the Pope arrested all known members of the knights templar.

That was 1307 by the way

I got married on Friday the 13th… an excellent idea, the whole roster was empty and we could choose a wedding in “wedding season” without anyone having any scheduling conflicts : )

The 13th seems to fall on a Friday too regularly to be lucky or unlucky. People like to choose rare things like blue moons for luck.

Do people honestly believe in all this stuff,to me its just like any other friday or infact any other day.People also mention dont walk under ladders and many other sayings.