Friday, the 13th

Today, I will be:

  • standing on a crack in the sidewalk,
  • under a ladder
  • with my fingers crossed
  • repairing a mirror I broke
  • after spilling some salt
  • because I was startled by a black cat crossing my path

Remember: It is bad luck to be superstitious !

Superstition is a funny thing, the fact you believe in it makes it more likely to affect your life. People who believe their going to have an accident (for example) are scientifically more likely to suffer one due to overcompensation, there was a study about it years ago which explained the rise in admittance to A&E and the relationship to paranoid superstitious behaviour. I don’t think Friday 13th is anything but another day of the week, it’s really as simple as that! :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome day…
who says it’s bad luck

I got lucky :wink:

It was a great day for me . I’m waiting for the next Friday 13th…:slight_smile:

I’ve already did what I wanted to do today. I’ve found a black cat and crossed its path. Ha! The bugger was hiding by the road stalking to cross mine.

Hmm, my husband and I picked Friday the 13th as our first dating day, that was some 38 years ago :smiley: