Favorite day in a week?

What is your favorite day in a week?

Mine is Wednesday… For I received payments on that day. :cool:

I don’t know what day of the week it is most days.

I love weekends. No work just relaxation and fun.

definitely Friday! especially friday afternoon. Cuz the whole week’s work is done you got 2 days free ahead. Great feeling!

mine is monday it simply super day

Monday - that’s when everybody goes to work and I don’t.

My favorite is only Sunday, Sunday is funny day for me. Enjoy, relax, roaming and meeting with GF …:cool:

You’re such a… can’t believe that you’re happy with other’s people disgrace! :lol:

If work is a disgrace then I should indeed be laughing. But I’m more happy of me not having to go to work than someone else having to do it :smiley:

work is not a disgrace… having to get up early and stand certain type of people is :wink:

That’s also something to laugh about, after all what else is there to do? And remember, I’m laughing with you, not at you :smiley:

yeah, yeah… that’s what you say :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

My favourite day is sunday. I enjoy on sunday.

Well, my favorite day of the week is today that is Friday. I look forward to fridays and when it comes i just sleep throughout the weekend.

Nothing like a Friday! The best day ever. Then you have the whole weekend to enjoy, relax and do some computer work :slight_smile:

They’ve all got something special about them I guess…

If I had to pick, I guess Wednesday.
Just because of the weird a$$ way it’s written/pronounced.
I like February for a similar reason.

Definitely Saturday. I don’t need to wake up so early and can hang out with pals at night. Satureday is the time to have some rest.

Obviously Saturday and Sunday wothout any doubt as i know there is no work no tension and i can just sleep sleep and sleep as long as i want.

Ohh mine Thursday. getting every thing doing well…

For… I love Friday… Because it is the last day of work…