Website value

For a specific site price differ in various value estimated site.Which site I prefer. Could you tell me.

You need to be more specific with your question.
Try describing it in a slightly different way; the words you chose, in the way they are combined, do not convey a clear meaning.
Don’t hesitate to use more words and add examples.

I think you are talking about website value which is usually estimated by different websites fixed a estimated value for new website right? So that value just inform you about to the add words budget and good well of website etc etc.

The website value calculator services use existing information about website popularity like google pagerank and alexa rank to rank your website then come up with a price estimate. It may reflect your website actual earning if the website earning is based on the traffic of a website, for example if the website earns via google adsense or other ads campaigns then website earning is proportional to the traffic the website has. But if your website income is based on product sales and the users that come on the website are product specific, then this site estimation tools may not reflect the actual income of the website.