What is the difference between progressive app and hybrid app?

How will you define the difference between progressive app and hybrid app, if it is commonly logical to speak of a difference?

Given I’ve heard a progressive app is an app based on various web technologies, I believe there is no difference at all, and that both “progressive” and “hybrid” apps also run on the exact same devices.

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Progressive Web Apps progressively enhance the user’s experience by asking for permissions. The user can get to them by going to the URL. The Discourse Forum is an example of a PWA. No download is involved.

Google has a bunch of great information on PWAs: https://developers.google.com/web/progressive-web-apps/

Hybrid Apps that the user downloads from the App Store, but they are basically just web views wrappers that point web apps. The app may facilitate different interactions with hardware, but it’s really just a web app.

Both of these are different than developing an app with React Native or something similar. That is an actual native app developed using the same style of development you would use for a web app.

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I’m not familiar with the term hybrid app. I’m used to hearing the terms, progressive and native. Native being iOS and android for instance. Progressive would be something like Angular or React. Hybrid to me would be mixing a little of progessive with native.

Thank both of you. @mawburn, please give a few more words on the saying that “Progressive Web Apps progressively enhance the user’s experience by asking for permissions”. I believe I miss your point here.

They are web apps. You do not download a PWA from the app store. You save it to the home screen.

Home screen? In the browser? Not sure I use this feature. I usually keep bookmarks to web applications I use. I still think I miss what you meant right there…

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