Android App Grid vs iOS Grid


I currently have an iOS app and transitioning to Android. Can I use the same grid system for iOS to Android if its the same design?


Have you considered a web app? Then you could kill all birds with one stone. :slight_smile:


Indeed! You should have a look at Progressive Web Apps. They allow you to use a lot of APIs from the phone like compass, location, etc and you can add it to the homescreen of your phone just like a real app. But it's basically just coded like a regular website which makes cross platform development a lot easier.

Have a look at


Really? so when one builds a mac app for example then they have the foundation to make the iphone app easily and fast?


No, if one builds a web app out of HTML, CSS, and Javascript, THEN they have the foundation to make web apps fast. they won't go on the app stores, but will be viewed easily on any smartphone.


There are ways for that as well:


Yes, I goofed there! Almost all of my apps are HTML/CSS/JS, and are in the app stores. I am referring to the progressive web apps, which are primarily for visiting on the web.

HTML/CSS/JS apps can be on the app stores through Cordova, which is the system I used.

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