What is the difference between application and software development process?

I want to know about is there any difference in app and software development process? And do we have need two different developer for development?

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Not necessarily but the most efficient team will be one familiar or proficient with the technology stack being used. I think you mean the difference between desktop, mobile applications, and web sites. Some technologies can be shared across all those stacks and some can’t. For example, an API could be created in the cloud that provides a shared database between experiences on different devices. However, creating a web app is significantly different from creating a native mobile app unless using conversion tools which don’t quite offer the same native experience. Developing modern large scale applications I think makes a lot of sense to have subjects matter levels in cloud, back-end APIs, front-end development, and possibly mobile native when building native apps. This is a gross generalization of course.


They’re essentially the same thing. Historically, application was a more focused approach where software was more general, but they’re the same.


You don’t have to hire two different developers, it’s really almost the same thing. The difference in implementation is only in the additional aspects and requirements in software development.