Difference between website and web application

Hi, am a little confused as I don’t see the difference between a website and web application. Please can someone put me through and to which of the SCRIPTING languages is best suited for website developing and which is best for web application if there is/are any difference between them

No biase answer please

In general, a web application is a subset of website. A website can contain anything, even if its purely static contents. But a web application usually is at least very dynamic and interactive. A website can be built with mere designers, but you always need competent coders to work on a web application.

Anyway, its impossible to get any unbiased opinion on this matter, since theres no official definition of this difference. My answer was just the most accepted opinion, but you may think differently if you want to. You may read this stackoverflow article to see more information, and judge for yourself:

Simply put, a web site is more like a brochure and a web app is an interactive application. It’s a fuzzy line at best.

Most of the time it’s pretty clear, but when does a web site become a web app? Discourse is a clearly a web application. Your favorite restaurant probably has a web site. But when does it cross that line? Take SitePoint.com itself, is it a website or web app? It has comments, it has dynamic content, the backend is probably very complex, but it mostly just serves articles which would make it a web site in most people’s eyes.

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