What is the best websites?

What is the website that you go to the most? and Why?

I use Sitepoint and Facebook the most. I use Twitter a little bit more recently than I have in the past (thanks to the Firefox Yoono sidebar feeding me updates).

sitepoint, cause i been doing it for 7 years (almost) and it is habit and cause i like it. :slight_smile:

flickr, deviantart.
I spend a lot of time in google reader (subscribed to 300 feeds or so).

digg, pcmech, sitepoint, smashingmagazine, facebook, lifehacker…

There’s a lot of good sites out there. It just depends upon what your interests are.

Usually I spending my all time in Facebook and Google.

The forums, of course. But, also, Google and Social Media…


I use Sitepoint, Facebook and Google the most

A List Apart, Freelance Switch, Google, Hotmail, IMDB, SitePoint, Smashing Magazine, StumbleUpon and Twitter (they account for most of my time). :slight_smile:

I use Gmail & Hotmail mostly to check my emails.

What do you mean the best website? Thats too general. Are you looking for the best social media websites?

Best designed website?
Best SEO website?
or maybe resources where everyone should have on their list such as www.digg.com

Hope that helps, I think the best designed websites are ones that use wordpress drool

  • SitePoint - Because it’s, in my opinion, the best online resource for Web Design & Development topics, the forums in particular are what attract me every day, the articles and blogs and obviously whenever I need to buy a book or kit from them!
  • MSN UK - Some MSN UK articles are interesting as general topics but my main reason for going to the MSN UK Website is to login to my Hotmail / Live E-Mail accounts on a daily basis.
  • Facebook - Friend updates / statuses / comments, getting in touch with friends, etc. It doesn’t take up a lot of time, I just always have it open in a tab in case anyone needs to talk to me through Facebook Chat.
  • Google UK - I have the Google Toolbar anyway but I sometimes prefer to just open up a new tab, go to Google UK and search to my hearts content!
  • Smashing Magazine - Brilliant Website for Web Design & Development articles and links.
  • Microsoft Corporation - Just to see any updates, launch dates of products, MSDN. (Plus I’m a MS Fanboy and like their Website…It’s crazy I know!)
  • The Oldham College - The current college I attend. I visit the Website on a daily basis to see any news updates and to check my college E-Mail.
  • W3C - Really just to see if anything new has cropped up but sometimes I will read through the specs even though I have them all saved to my PC and USB!

I often visit ALA, Freelance Switch and IMDB - But not on a daily basis. I do visit your twitter account every day though haha! Sometimes 3 - 4 times a day to see if you’ve tweeted anything else! Seriously…I love your tweets! :smiley:

What about you though smk1234? What are your favourite Websites? And why do you go to them?

Nice to feel appreciated, I’m surprised half of my random thought processes are worthy of any attention :lol: