Which One is on Top (Facebook, Twitter or any other)


Which one is on Top position in Social Websites like , Facebook or Twitter or any other.


Which one is easy to use and also on Position 1 in the world.

Waiting for replies.

You didn’t specify what specific criteria you are measuring by in determining which is number one. Which is number one depends on lots of different things.

For example if your criteria is which social network is most likely to provide your private information to total strangers then the answer isn’t Twitter.

Well, the biggest social networking site right now - is Facebook in terms of traffic, and member base.

Well I consider Facebook, Some how Twitter also good but youth out there is not interested in your buisness tweets

Facebook ranks first among the social media sites. It has the largest number of people. Facebook now serves 300 million people across the world.

Ya, but do you remember when Myspace was on top? What do you think made Facebook so popular?

I use Facebook most and i think its best in comparison to others.

my vote is for Facebook .and Facebook is user-friendly as well.

600 million.

Facebook’s success over MySpace can be attributed to a few key items.

  1. Load time & stability. By removing profile customizations Facebook loaded quickly and their setup insured a near perfect uptime. This makes for a better experience, less waiting, less abandonment.

  2. Exclusivity. Facebook played off of the idea of being something special to excite it’s core demographic (college students) to want to join up. Anyone who was in school when Facebook launched can tell you about the buzz it caused as it rolled out around their campus.

  3. The friend feed. As fun as it is to focus on yourself, facebook lets you “stalk” your network which is twice as good. People enjoy seeing the fun, the happy, and yes, the bad, in people’s lives and Facebook brought that all together in one central place. Rather than focusing on your own account, Facebook focused on those you knew.

These items all have contributed to their growth but at it’s simply become evolution and time that have made them so big. MySpace was tens of millions of users bigger than the social networks before them who were millions larger than the free hosting companies and forums that started “social”. As Facebook has growing the market has matured, people have come to realize the value and jumped on in. It’s now more than twice as common to have a facebook account than a college degree in the US.

Good explanation on Facebook, Its like User manual of Facebook.

Facebook has over 500M members and is worth 60B, its BY FAR the largest one. Twitter is way way behind.

In terms of value to your site, facebookcom has a pagerank of 10, twitter.com is 9 or 10, the rest are 8, at best. This changes all the time so pay attention to the buzz around the net. PR closely follows this.

Hope this helps.

Any stats or case studies to back this? Why is traffic your goal?

As everybody else said, facebook is the largest social networking site in many aspects so it doesn’t matter which characteristic we’re measuring it on, probably facebook will be largest. And most social sites are easy to use but I do fail to understand your goal.

Probably twitter would take the second place, and LinkedIn may be the third.

Yet, the people that posts in twitter are a different kind of public than those who like facebook. Many people that uses facebook don’t like twitter but many twitter uses do use facebook. That’s why you have to address each public differently.

I don’t understand the second part of your question… does it mean that if facebook wasn’t easy to use, you would sign up for the second option?

Facebook is better for ranking in search engines and twitter is a little better for traffic

Facebook and twitter are great social networking sites, and I agree twitter is a the best way interms of traffic and facebook for search engine visibility.

Face book Rocks!..

i will go with face book because of it’s popularity in youth and we can say that in young generation.Although twitter is also we can not denies both the sites have it’s own hall of fame…

I think Facebook win the race in term of user number. I personally like twitter. Both are easy to use.