What is your favorite social media platform?

Every social media platform boosts certain features which are unique and appealing.
Going by the level of engagement value, user-friendliness and experience which on is your favorite one:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Google Plus
  • LinkedIn and many more.

My personal choice is LinkedIn, it interests me a lot and I like to the read articles of different categories published by the influencers, experts, authors, mentors.
My second choice is Twitter - I love to check out what’s trending, headlines and articles.

So what is your personal favorite?
If you like some other platform, please share its features you like the most?

SitePoint is a million percent better than any of those for engagement value, user-friendliness and experience.


Agree with you @felgall! Don’t you use any of the social media platforms?

I have feeds set up to copy my blog posts to Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to promote the new articles that I write and to remind people about the older ones but I don’t actually interact on any of those sites as they all seem a jumbled mess to me (although the hundreds of people who follow me on Twitter obviously get something from it). I think Linked In copies the posts from one of the others.

I find that forums provide a far better medium for interactions than any of the social media.


Thanks @felgall for your thought and opinion. I agree with you that forums provide a far better engagement. You can help others to give your opinions or can get from others.

My favorite social media platform is facebook. I use it to see what my friends and relatives are doing each day. I primarily use it to communicate with family members living abroad through the messenger. I sometimes use it for video calling.

That’s Great @Bigwas !

I use Facebook and Google Plus to promote blog posts, I have to say I like Google Plus the most because when I promote posts here I usually end up on the front page of google search results for a few keywords on that post.

Twitter is my favorite, as it is the easiest way I found to connect with new people. None other social media offer such possibilities for networking.

My favourite social media is Facebook. I am new on Sitepoint

Mine fav is face book, twitter, and LinkedIn. I am kind of extrovert person and I love socializing, that’s why I prefer these platforms.

Among the social media platforms, I would go for Facebook because I find it too easy to use and this is the site where I get connected with my old time friends and relatives… My second choice is Pinterest. I so love everything especially the photos and pins sharing.

Out of the many social media platforms I like Facebook the most for interacting with family members and friends. I don’t spend much time posting statuses, I think I spend more time reading about others and watching videos. Though, for my website I tend to use both Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Facebook - to connect with friends, pick up girls and generally find out what is going on in the world / Linkedin - only for work or for job hunting if needed.

For me it’s Facebook, as I have the majority of my friends there. And no, for the most of them, they probably don’t even know the existence of those other socials like Twitter, Linkedin, etc. (where I am registered).

Facebook and Twitter both are my favorite…

Could you perhaps expand on your response and let us know why you prefer these social media outlets?

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My favorite. social media platform is facebook

Could all posters please read and reply to the whole question?

Thank you.

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