Ways to increase website traffic

I have gotten to a stage where I have to increase their online traffic on a few website.

I would prefer not to have to spend lots of money with Google advertising. I have in the past and I have seen a direct relation to the internet traffic and the money spent.

I use social media, which works well, but maybe not as well as I would have liked. I find that youtube videos work well with Facebook. Unfortunately those videos don’t belong to the customers.

Another option is to use http://fiverr.com for promotional methods. Then I could possible upload the videos from there onto the customers social media channel.

Search engine optimization is also important, but this mostly goes down to the content and page structure. It always helps if what is being advertised has a demand, if not then any SEO efforts are likely to go to waste.

Does anybody have any tips of increase a websites traffic. Also if there are any books recommended or websites that could help me do this.

Exchanging links with other websites is a good way to increase traffic to your website

Social media (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter) are a good source of targeted traffic, I get about 20,000 visitors a month free. Of course everything that is free requires a lot of work, effort and time.

Without giving away too much information, would it be possible to give an insight of what you do, and how this can be achieved.

I’ve looked at the Fiverr stuff before and never really found anything that would be good for promoting my software company. There may be things that work for less serious sites, but not really for the crowd that follows us.

So I will add to the mix that creating a software product that requires a link back can be a very powerful method to get traffic. We have 13 million links pointing to our site and an Alexa ranking under 10,000 often times.

I here buying links is bad, so what other methods are there? I have never looked into backlinks, but it’s something that I have to look into. As far I as knew, backlinks are best if they are done naturally, which is why Google wants to stamp out on directories and bought-in backlinks in general.

Hi Sega, I’m not sure what type of websites are you running but for me, the two biggest traffic drivers for me for the past year has been relationship building with influencers and guest bloggng.

Guest blogging is discussed heavily these days and you should be able to get a ton of tutorials on the web just by Googling it. I tend to focus on writing for authoritative blogs with high traffic.

Reaching out to influencers is something that I’ve learned from Derek Halphern of Social Triggers. Basically, the idea is to come up with a piece of content, be it an article, a video or an infographic that is so good that when you send out an email to all the top influencers in your niche, they don’t mind sharing it with their followers.

We can definitely talk more about this. Just let me know. :slight_smile:

The websites belong to customers. One for instance is a law firm, another is a school etc.

Considering I am new to this I have not charged any of those customers until I can be 100% sure I will get the results needed. I completely understand and agree that content is everything, however, being a noob in their topic all I can do is advise them on writing content based on trends.

I have not yet started developing my own blogs. But there will be a time when I start. Having said this I would prefer to help others before myself, which is why I have decided to go down this path.

90% of the clients prefer to be in-control of their content. Not getting side-tracked, this thread is about increasing internet traffic and not about writing content.

We can get more traffic by Forum Posting, Blog Commenting, Social Bookmarking, Yahoo answer marketing and Facebook Marketing etc.

Social Media is the best way to generate traffic to any type of site, so many users are surfing social media sites for information…!
Along with social do some research on your targeted keywords to do optimization, so that you can have some constant traffic to site.!
Communities are the best sources of traffic i.e Google plus communities , Facebook
communities are some best sources to generate traffic to sites.

It all depends where the traffic is needed. For example if you have a website/blog about specific windows problems and how to fix them best way to increase traffic is from SEO, yahoo answer and similar stuff, mostly from targeted audience. If you own a website/blog that is mainly for entertainment purpose and funny stuff, social network traffic is the way to go.

Do forum posting, blog posting, blog commenting, article submission, document sharing, guest posting, and social activities like facebook, twitter, linked, G+. You need to get thoroughly involved in social media to get more n more traffic.

Thank you, but we don’t need any more lists of activities, especially not those which have already been mentioned. Rather than providing a general list, please state which methods you have used personally to try to increase traffic, and which you found most successful. Do you find different approaches work better for different types of site?

Of all the traffic generating techniques I’ve used, I found that solo advertising has given me the best results. I use sites that give a way promo codes
and free safelists - have been great.

Thanks, you said what I should have, but did not know how to say it.

I am conteplating purchasing a couple of books on the subject, as I do not know how to do this properly. Social media and SEO is ofcourse the way to go about things, having said this, what is it that you do. There are no shortcuts in life, but as web designers, we have to justify our clients that we can do what we can do by showing real website statistics.

Get your content viral on web. This is the best way you can gain more visitors on your website. Create quality and useful content, promote using top social medias, such as twitter and facebook. I believe that the only way to outsmart Google is through excellent content.

I think there is only way to increse traffic is to get a good quality backlinks.

From what I understand Google does not like Directories or purchasing backlinks, so we’re in a situation which what Google wants is hard to get on our own, which might have been their plan to begin with.

Fiverr did worked for me. The job was done as advertised ( lot’s of backlinks ) but on pages that were not indexed.
For traffic I would go with social networks. For sales I would go for first position on search engines.

hello friend, here I have something to share. these are some additional methods

(1) Give freebies.
(2) Create a free product or service and trial .
(3) free tools like EZMLM traffic generator.
(4) Try submitting your website to ddl sites like phaze, mecho, katzddl.tiil

can’t recommend any book but you cant visit at google webmaster central blogspot.com, seobook.com, squidoo.com/squidoo-seo etc

take care :slight_smile: