What is the Best Editor for JSP Programming?

What is the best editor (IDE) for JSP Programming?

What do u think about JBuilder?
I want to see its IDE, screenshots, Can anybody give me the link to JBuilder’s screenshots?

I use HomeSite for JSP stuff. It’s old, but it gets the job done and I haven’t found a better editor. It’s also not an IDE; it’s made for hand-coding.

If you want an IDE, try Eclipse with the Web Tools Project plugin. You can find that here:

for large scale stuff, I use IBM Websphere studio application developer, for smaller stuff, I use JEdit

JBuilder is a bloated monster IMO … I tried it once but uninstalled it within hours!

I use EditPlus for coding … Ive tried Eclipse and it seems cool, just dont have the patience to learn it.

Eclipse with the Web Tools Plugin. Eclipse rocks as a code editor, but you have to have some patience with the WTP plugin because it’s new and has some bugs here and there.

I also played with Netbeans and it’s also acceptable for JSPs. Makes stuff like custom tags editing easier.

JBuilder is good, but I haven’t experienced a slower IDE in all my life.

Can I find the Web Tool Project plugin from the same site?


Or if you just want a good editor: Emacs :wink:

Like somebody said: EditPlus is a nice tool.
Only problem I have with it is that is doesn’t track the { } and ( ) and [ ]
A tool that does do that is NotePad++ (fantastic for PHP!) … but it currently doesn’t have colors for JSP :S…

I heard colleagues of ultra edit…
* Support for syntax highlighting based on file name
FTP syntax
and much more @ www.ultraedit.com (never used it yet)

Eclipse. And if you need the best then Websphere which is built on Eclipse.

I use a combination of 2 editors for java and jsp

JCreator for straight java
Oracle JDeveloper 10g if I want to incorporate the code into a web app.

I dont know which versoin of EditPlus you are using
but you have an option of saying “Matching Braces”
Thats what I use to match brackets.

Keyboard shortcut is “Ctrl + ]”