Which Software Do You Use for Web Development?

Please suggest me that which tool I’m using for such-and-such a task (for example, web editing)?
Thanks in advance….

Eclipse is good, it might be a bit pain in the getting started with but once you are in the game its pretty nice actually. Alternatively the commercial version of Komodo is very nice also. You can try using Aptana as well.

Sublime Text 2. It’s a great editor with many handy functions and a plethora of configuration possibilities. As far as I know, there is no other editor that is as flexible and customizable as Sublime. Tutsplus offers a free course: https://tutsplus.com/course/improve-workflow-in-sublime-text-2/

At home, CFEclipse, and sometimes Bluefish. GFTP for uploading.

At work, Dreamweaver and CFBuilder.

Bah, I’m so tired of these. It’s all personal preference, this isn’t like selecting a 3d modeling tool, just start messing around with different editors / IDEs. Stay away from any WYSIWYGs.

Real men stick with a magnetic needle and write bits directly to naked hard drive platters.

Anything else is wussing out.

I feel ashamed to call myself a programmer

I more “manage” developers than actually develop, so I use things like Notepad++ or even cPanel File Manager for quick changes or assessing the code. And of course, Github is a integral part of our development process. We also have developed one-click instances of our software for quick live testing for managers or customers.

I have the most experience with Dreamweaver, Notepad++ and Aptana Studio. Of the three, Aptana is probably my favorite IDE and the one I use most often. Sublime Text 2 is very popular and worth a look as well.

What languages will you be working with?

Im used to use filezilla to upload file to host.

in my opinion Dreamweaver is the best web editing tool…because it is very easy to understand…