Best IDE for Web Development

Hello there . Please could you tell me what IDEs are considered to be top IDEs for web development mainly for PHP ?
Thanks in advance!!!

Eclipse, but if you can afford it – Zend Studio (which is built on Eclipse).

Well that depends on what OS you are using. Mac, Windows, or Linux?

If Mac, the 3 obvious choices are Coda, Textmate, and Sublime Text 2.

On the Mac my favorite is Coda. On Windows I’d have to go with Aptana, which I believe is built on Eclipse.

ActiveState Komodo is free for Windows, Coda for the Mac

Eclipse is the good for me.

I use Netbeans with PHP for most coding work, and notepad++ for quick script viewing or minor edits

This seems to be one of the most common questions asked on these boards and there is no good answer. It comes down to personal preference, project requirements, experience, etc. If you’re getting started check out Eclipse, Netbeans, and asome of the free text editors such as Notepad++ for Windows, TextWrangler for Mac, and others and see what works best for you.

For me, its either Eclipse or Netbeans.
Depending on your machines, Netbeans can be quite unresponsive.


PsPad. It’s Free.

Eclipse for the win, aways!

I second eclipse, Activestate Komodo is my favorite. The “Komodo Edit” is completely free. There is also a paid version called Komodo IDE which has a few more features (Komodo Edit is plenty good though). It’s also cross-platform.

I would recommend having a serious look at Netbeans.

It’s free and it’s got all the bells and whistles I will ever need. You can save some bandwidth by downloading just the Netbeans PHP bundle.

A while back, I searched for something that just did what I wanted it to - pure and simple - and PsPad was what I found. Now I primarily use NetBeans, but I still have PsPad around for quick edits.


I wouldn’t wish Eclipse on my worst enemy. Most Java shops (Eclipse’s old stomping ground) have ditched it and go with NetBeans or IntellijIDEA nowadays, and I’ve recently toyed with it for some basic PHP development using frameworks (as NetBeans wouldn’t support Ant for PHP projects) and it’s been an experience I hope to forget.

It’s great in that you can extend it, but I cannot help but feel that the move into being a general use development tool is to catch up with NetBeans.

Neither are anywhere near as good as Visual Studio, but NetBeans is a viable alternative. However, if you require build support for PHP then NetBeans might not be able to do what you require.

I’ve been using Eclipse for 4 years and haven’t had many problems with it really. I guess if it isn’t broken don’t fix it? Anyway… I have used NetBeans once on a job interview and I didn’t really care for it. One thing I really like about eclipse it all the different plugins available for everything from C to JavaScript. I would be open to alternatives but I get by pretty well with nodepad++ and Eclipse… so haven’t really thought of changing. There was a time about 2 years ago that tried out a bunch of different IDE’s and text editors but Eclipse seems pretty good to what is out there in my opinion. Maybe I just haven’t been exposed to enough of them to know. When I find something I like I tend to stick with it…

hello friends,
Also if your on linux (I like ubuntu) then there is gedit. It is in many ways like the linux version of Notepad++ and usually comes pre-installed. Also if you want an equivalent for a Mac, then dual boot your mac with windows and you can get the benefits of the dark side of the force. Or alternatively you could use the mac as target practice at the fire range and buy a windows computer. But however you go about it perhaps you should use Notepad++. The ultimate text editor.

Visual Studio .NET. Nuff said.