What is my job title?

I have been working at my place of employment now for 10 years as of next week. I started in “Network Operations”, and looking back at when I had started the roll consisted of numberous “dutys as assigned” tasks. The purpose of the position was that the company was growing so fast, that there had to be a department to get it done, and find out what went wrong when somthing went wrong.

Our daily chores were that of writing batch scripts, javascripts, databases designs, FTP communications, AS2 communications, debugging external apps (no access to source code) by analyzing various sorts of inputs vs outputs, analysing WAN issues between companys, running custom scripts to get metrics and valuable data for our managers, or act as a last line of defense and report our findings to the customer service department, who would then relay this to the customer.

Knowledge of many computer languages was required, and if you didnt know said languages, you learned them to accomplish the task. I have dabbled in Jscript, Jquery, XML, ASP, Batch, SQL, Crpytography, and numberous open source third party software.

Now, they have merged this department into a “Technical Support” department, which is not an appropriate job title at all. Now, we deal directly with the big customers, but still write code for internal operations, data flow, and process monitoring. This code is non-compiled, they are scripts. That “Tech Support” title sets me back about 15K if I attempted to transfer to another company.

So. I write processes that route data, monitoring systems, and I control the heartbeat of each of those scripts. I deal with a lot of internal troubleshooting when someone has an issue. I am considered a critical component of keeping the company running smooth, and can bring it to its knees in a whims notice. However, its not a network admin type of roll, as I do not deal with hardware nor the vast majority of configuring the server on how it functions.

What in the world is my job title?

But you can, don’t you?

I think IT Engineer / System Administrator are the closest options.


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