Contract offer with job description

I have been working for an organisation for nearly three years and they have just got round to defining my Job position. Any idea what I should be defined as? I’m quite sure the job description they have given me is way over the top specially at the level of remuneration :-).:-
(a) Updating links and other information as required,
(b) Researching and correcting errors,
(c) Controlling, under instruction from the Secretary, those who have access to the site and their level of access,
(d) Assisting others who are authorised to add or amend information on the
website, including those setting up and using subdomains,
(e) Setting up forms and other methods of receiving information,
(f) Researching, as requested, software and other technologies which may be
useful in developing our online presence,
(g) Suggesting improvements and extensions to our online presence

My Skills include HTML and CSS which Im currently upgrading. Knowledge and use of Indesign,Photoshop,Illustrator,Adobe Acrobat and other graphical programs. The list above implies a level of analysis/troubleshooting on an already managed CMS.
It does not involve writing copy.

any advice will be gratefully received.

Just been browsing and come across a description for a “Help Desk Officer” suits me :slight_smile: if anyone has a better suggestion please comment soon: