Business Owners: Daughter of the Owner, what is my job title?

I have different responsibilities in different department, marketing, internal audit, food safety, purchasing, sales export, social media, exhibitions, and more. My father is the owner of the company and his job title is CEO/general manager, how can I classify my job into a job title ?

Sounds like you may be the Operations Manager

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I think its an option yes, my direct manager is my father, so i discuss all decisions with him and he leave the work for me to follow it up, i kind of partially manage these department like supervising and following up, i receive help from seniors too, but as an owner i get to follow these subjects to make sure that work is done. Thank you for replying!

Because this is a web development forum, Iā€™m interested in whether any of your duties involve web development other than the social media aspect that you mentioned.


No i am not into web developing, i work with people who are responsible for the technical side of the work i manage.

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