What is my job title?

I develop web site for my company. In the beginning that’s my job description. But for the last two month I also inserting content for the website, I don’t write nor plan the content. My question is: other than web developer what is my job title in English (I’m not from any English-spoken country)?

Thank you.

Maybe “content manager”?


If you’re just plugging in content, that should be normal.

Is the client / employer giving you your text? You say you don’t write or plan the content.

Yes, I only insert the content that they gave me.

I can’t imagine you being called anything other than a web developer.

I wouldn’t say you’re a web developer at all if you do what you described. You’re a Content Manager.

Do you build HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, .NET, etc in anything that’s not trivial? I don’t meant adding images here or there.

Forget job titles. People don’t want that.

Obviously w4r0 does, or they wouldn’t be asking.

Why do you think people don’t want job titles?

They are mostly meaningless.

I was a “Web Analyst” once. I developed web applications and designed a massive system that replaced a very old Mainframe app and was mission critical. 10’s of thousands of lines of code and a very large database. I pretty much did the whole architecture and design myself.

Another “Web Analyst” was the Senior Content Manager. Did nothing but make sure people didn’t post junk onto the internal site.

Another “Web Analyst” worked as a DB2 admin. At one time he worked on the web stuff and built alot of the infrastructure they had, but that had been years before and moved over to doing pretty much nothing but database work.

There’s no reason to get too caught up on titles.

Potential employers often get “caught up” on job titles, especially if you’re dealing with HR who may know squat about the actual job requirements. If I were applying for a job, I would certainly want to put my job title/skills in the best possible light with the appropriate “keywords.”

“guy who puts content on the site”

i’m sure that is how your colleagues call your job :smiley:


I think you are still doing the job of a Web Developer and so your job title is Web developer. As a web developer can perform any task relating to the development of the web page and you are doing this also. It doesn’t matter which country you belong to. Your job title will remain the same to all.

I think it should be affiliate marketer.

Really? The OP says

[quote=“w4r0, post:1, topic:116028”]
I develop web site for my company. In the beginning that’s my job description. But for the last two month I also inserting content for the website, I don’t write nor plan the content.
[/quote]and you think that sounds like an affiliate marketer? Perhaps you could explain your reasoning, because that doesn’t make sense to me.


If I may steer this in a slightly different direction.

Ignore the job title. I see great opportunity to grow into a broader role (if you desire). I would say, this is a great opportunity to work beyond a developer at your company. Read the content and make suggestions - work with the content team based on your feedback (based on research). Don’t be just a copy/paste guy.

Read up into content marketing. Take ownership of the site as a whole and not the tech side of it.

This will help round yourself out as a web manager. So keep track of content being published, check Analytics on that content, see how they perform. See what types of content perform the best and slowly grow into that larger role. This should show ownership and proactive qualities at your company.

I hope that helps. It was the path I took to step out of the “Web Developer” role. Of course that was the path that I chose. I slowly worked myself out of developing or designing much. Hope that adds a different perspective.

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“Content Writer”

Welcome to the forum, @sunn.

I think you must have msread the OP’s post. He says

[quote=“w4r0, post:1, topic:116028”]
I don’t write nor plan the content
[/quote]So whatever his job title should be, I don’t think it could be “content writer”.

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