What is email marketing?

What is email marketing? Can i do start it? How?

Email marketing is process of reaching customer directly. In this way you can easily know about the customer concern. What they want and looking for. Of course, you can start

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Whats the step for start this?

I suggest you look around for tutorials, because it really isn’t appropriate to expect a forum to teach you everything about a subject. You can do a quick Internet search, or start with some of the SitePoint articles on the subject. e.g.




Of course, if you then have a more specific question which you can’t find the answer to, you can post back here and ask.


E-mail marketing is an old strategy.You can check that ads on your email accounts.for click that you can redirect to their home page.For email marketing you collect email id lists and send email about your product website link

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Email marketing is a message which is send by a company to a group of people with the use electronic email like advertisements . Email communication which helps your business to promote is Email marketing
Ye,s you can start by following some steps
Your target What you want to achieve,
Build your email list,list of all contacts,
Type of campaigns like announcement,invitation,
Get your result and compare with your goals.

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Agree with TechnoBear, it’s best to research and learn stuff for yourself to grasp it properly, something like Mailchimp may be a good place to start and have a sign up to newsletter on your site to grow email contacts…


Well, the first thing you’ll need is a mailing list - otherwise you won’t have anyone to actually market to! There are numerous ways you could go about this: newsletter sign up on your website, social media posts, at the checkout if you’re an online store, etc.
Then it would be a good idea to use some dedicated email marketing software. It makes it way easier to manage, and can also help with the design of your newsletters if you’re not so savvy with graphic design. Here’s a list of some that are considered the best providers: https://www.1and1.co.uk/digitalguide/e-mail/e-mail-marketing/e-mail-marketing-software-by-comparison/

After that, dive into the tutorials TechnoBear posted, there are some really useful tips and strategies in there!

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