How to start a email marketing

Any one help me and give me some tips for - how to start a email marketing ?

Search on the google you will find many email marketing company which can offer services as per your budget. If you have data base, there are few email marketing companies like which can allow you to send emails up to certain numbers. If you are new, I would suggest you to prefer experts help.

Here are some of the tips, which can help you to start email marketing
1.Make it easy to subscribe means Post a signup form on your homepage, blog, Facebook page, and wherever else your customers and fans are already active.
2. Personalize email whenever possible
3. Have Email drives accessibility across-channels
4. Optimizing for mobile is extremely important
5. Build an acquisition strategy
6. Tell subscribers what to expect
7. Send a welcome email
8. Design your newsletter to fit your brand.
9. Send people content they want means Email newsletter services offer features like groups and segmentation to help you make your content relevant to the people reading it.
If you find this, as a tedious job then there is one more way to start email marketing is get email marketing service from reputed company like SKI.

Email marketing is useful for business. First of all make a list of the email ids that you want to send messages about your products or services. Do not send emails to persons who are not relevant to your business. Send emails without using software as they may reach in spam folder and could not be read by the recipient of the email.

Proper email marketing helps a lot to spread your business.
And random email marketing just block your mail account, nothing more.

Here I got one best Blog on Email marketing, where is detail description is available for how do email marketing with proper way. [noparse][/noparse]

Before starting an Email marketing, you should make your site popular. Then collect all emails and send messages to them. Popularity of your site helps you to connect with the marketers as well as users.

Hi raihan

Here is steps to start email marketing

1 First collect Email data from Search engine
2 Create effective call to action mail format
3 Describe your service
4 Create Eye catching subject of mail
5 Send mail to all of you email data
6 Track their action using analysis tool

That’s not the first step to e-mail marketing, that’s the first step to Spamming. Sending unsolicited e-mails is Spam and in some countries is illegal.

The right way to collect e-mail addresses is to ask visitors to your site to sign up to receive promotional e-mails, newsletters or whatever, and ensure you only ever send mail to those who have opted in.

Its a very long process to do email marketing. 1st you need email addresses who love your product and who need your product. you can Get email on social networking. and then send Emails, I didn’t do it. because to send email one by one it takes time. I have blogger team we regular update our blog also we make qualify post. We use newsletters its great technique to do email marketing.

To start email marketing it is very important to define your initial goal like whether you need more leads OR want to enhance your relationship with your clients OR whether you want to introduce some product??
Then you can start with actual process of email marketing

  1. Need to gather email address (of your clients, customer etc)
  2. Select one good template in which you can easily add your own images, content, links
  3. More important is you have to plan your topics and make a schedule for it
  4. Now you are ready to send email
  5. Finally Track your results on regular basis.

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