How to Start Email Marketing?

Hi all,

How can do start email marketing process?

What need to do for beginners? :rolleyes:

i think you need first email ids of loyal and real people then you can send email in bunch to them.There are many online services also available which will done email marketing for you.Actually i am also newbie and want to start the email marketing campaign but i told you which i read till today.


Hi clarkjeremy,

Thanks But how can i collected the the email ids?

how to find the which email id that’s email related to our work means the more chances to reply for our work?

[FONT=verdana]The only way to “collect email IDs” is to ask your customers or site visitors to explicitly sign up for your newsletter (or whaterver it is you are planning to email them). To do that, you have to be able to offer them a definite benefit - for example, the offer of some valuable information or news that they can’t easily get any other way.

So your first task is to decide what it is you are offering, and how to persuade the visitors of the benefit. You might do that via your website or social media, or by contacting existing customers. After that, it’s up the them whether they sign up or not.

What you should not do is to acquire a list of email addresses of people who you have no connection with, and who have never heard of you or your product. Mailing to such a list is a waste of your time, and will only annoy the recipients. In many countries, it would also be illegal.

Perhaps, instead of asking how to get started in email marketing, you should be considering what you have to offer, and asking if email is an effective way of marketing it.



Hi Mike,

Thanks we are design development software development and customization.

So which business related to need email ids for our work?

And many thanks for share more information.


I’m not sure what that second sentence means. But if you want to market your software services, then you need to produce a newsletter (or some similar material) that is of compelling interest to people who are in the market for custom software. Then announce the newsletter on your website, and ask people to sign up for it. That’s how you get their email addresses.

But don’t hold out too much hope. If you can produce some truly valuable content that people will want to read on a regular basis, then you might succeed. But you’ll be competing with thousands of similar email offerings, and you’ll find it hard work to produce something is really compelling - that will motivate people sufficiently to sign up.

Before you worry about how to get the email addresses, you should be thinking about what exactly you have to offer, and whether it will be of sufficient interest to attract a large enough audience.



Thanks Mike,

I sure now and i will try according your suggestion.

Many thanks.

Steps to follow email marketing :
Choose a web based provider
Start gathering email addresses
Choose a template
Plan your topics and schedule
Send an email campaign and track the result

Here are many tips help how to start email marketing .1st reserch and choose the best web based provider ,and distribute responsibilities if u can ,always plan schedule and topics ,and gathering of email adresses is also important,like a choosing of a a template.and in last send an email campaign and the track the result its will help you to show your performance.

First Plan what you need and create a strategy that includes your resources, time needed and ROI.

Next start collecting the Emails based on your requirements. Some of the companies offer some thousands of emails for some cost.

Meanwhile, create the content which you want to display to the audience which is a landing page. The Landing page should be designed in such a way that if the customer lands the page, the conversion should happen.

Start sending Emails and watch out for responses.


Did you read the whole thread before posting? It has already been established that this is very bad advice:


Can you be more precise what you mean by “start email marketing” ?

Do you have any existing website for which you would like to start email marketing or maybe some other existing business or infrastructure?

Or do you want to start everything from scratch?

I would suggest reading some good books from Amazon, you can search for “Direct marketing” and book “Write to Sell”, which will give you a lot of ideas how email marketing works and how you should do it. But you will have to experiment with it, get a mailing system, build your mailing list and try different things.

Just to add this first and important step in email marketing. You need to first identify your target market before you begin collecting contact emails.

Email [house lists] is regularly shown to be the most profitable marketing source per dollar spent thus begging the question… who are you messaging?

Hi Ted S,

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You think E-mail market is not usefull!

We are provide Online Solution as"Web Design Development, Internet Marketing, Facebook development" and more related services.

So can you tell me what we should do build for our business?

Email is extremely useful. Spam however is not.

However if you’re in the business of providing marketing services I would suggest that you don’t need me telling you how to market your business.

Firstly you collect email id for searching anyhow. Then you can use mailer software. It is very hard but continuity is the main factor.

Just got the Mail ID’s and start mailing them, keep in mind don’t be promotion more just user friendly mail that attracts visitors.

Make it easy to subscribe. Send a welcome email and tell subscribers what to expect. Design your newsletter to fit your brand. Make it scannable. Send people content they want. Know your spam rules and seriously think about mobile-friendly newsletters. Check the most effective e-mail marketing tips,

Collect emails by searching a contact site? That’s spam and in many places, including ones you send too, against the law and subject to fines not to mention immediate blackballing of your business reputation.