What is E mail Management?


Can anyone please tell me what is e mail management? how can i implement e mail management, how to start? Is there any tool for do the e mail management?

Why are you asking this? What do you think it is, or might be? Have you googled this question?

Not sure what your question is but if you are looking for the tool to manage your emails than Gmail has lot of management features like labels, reminders for emails.

You need to apply the extensions with gmail provides in extentions directory.

Outlook also have lot of features like schedule the email to be sent, auto reply, receipt of delivery etc.

If you have some money you can spend and get the email tool like mailchimp etc which also shows how many people have opened the email or how many people have forwarded it.

if you can be more specific than other sitepoint members can help you out too

whay do you want email management site when your email host service provider does that. i mean if you have an account on hotmail or gmail, you emails will be managed automatically. All that you need to do is select respective options.

do you mean lead management or email management?