System for email reply management

i’m looking for a way to make sure other people follow up with emails. would you call this helpdesk software or is there another category that i should be looking at (almost like a to-do list program too?).

Sounds to me like you’re looking for an application with the following:

  • Email integration
  • Reminders
  • Setting tasks/to-dos
  • Help desk support features

There is a variety of different programs out there, and it really depends on what you level of business management software you want to incorporate into your business. As Matpro said, there is VisionProject, and then popular project management tools like Basecamp.

You may find that after you have integrated one feature you will see there are other areas you can apply business management software to. Many come to this point after seeing the power of these useful systems but eventually have a variety of different applications that don’t integrate well with each other and this only results in a headache. If you want to avoid this, WORKetc may be what you are looking for - or it may not be, you need to look and see for yourself. The WORKetc application incorporates project management, crm, billing, and help desk features into one system. It’s essentially a total business management tool, which allows a much higher level of collaboration (you can collaborate on everything) and employee communication. It’s a lot simpler to use to send reminders, make sure emails are being followed up on (you can see if they are), and set tasks/to-dos that employees can’t miss.

The choice is up to you to do your own research in these programs and find what will specifically meet the requirements of your business. Every business has specific needs and that’s what makes finding these programs so darn hard!


  • Forward the email into the system for it to get logged.
  • Notify the stakeholders
  • Two days after did anyone reply?
  • If not ping the team again

I know that you can set this up using VisionProject. We use VisionProject for project management, helpdesk and document management. But, it is your choice how to use it, and setting this up is very easy to do.
If you want to find more systems that can do this I would probably go with HelpDesk Software. It could be that Issue Tracking Systems have this as well, but HelpDesks are usually a bit more advanced in workflow and email management.
One place I usually go to when looking for systems is

You need to explain more thoroughly what you need first.