Other mailing list management services

I was recommended Aweber and icontact because they have “agreements” with hotmail and yahoo and gmail so that the emails get through (because people have opted in). They are quite pricey however. I have been told about other services such as getresponse but I don’t know if they have this kind of agreement as well? Thanks

As far as I’m aware, it’s not really a formal agreement. Whitelisted IPs, certain header information, and certain DNS information all combined to make outgoing emails appear more legit than not.

Thanks for the clarification, all the internet marketing gurus recommend aweber and icontact but I am on some mailing lists which use other services and I seem to get the emails OK which backs up what you say. I have been looking at some other services and they all seem to be quite expensive, one I saw was US18 for 1000 people, so I work that out as a US$0.018 cost per person on the list, or 12cents a person per year. That is expensive.
I’m going to carry on looking for some cheaper alternatives! What can anyone recommend?

That’s actually dirt cheap.

You could add 12all to your list for evaluation. I think sitepoint uses mailchimp, so that’s another one to look at. I’ve heard VerticalResponse mentioned as another heavy hitter, but haven’t heard anything about it beyond that.

You could also host yourself (phplist, dada mail, 12all), but it’s cumbersome. If you do, it’s recommended that you have a static IP and use a dedicated server so your webserver doesn’t get accidentally blacklisted.

I would avoid Lyris. Working with them was an abysmal failure.

Well, I guess it can be expensive depending on what part of the world you’re from, but all the good email service providers I’ve researched seem to fall in line with roughly the same pricing. Aweber, icontact, constant contact etc… and considering the huge return on investment email can provide, I their their charges are rather reasonable.

MailChimp does have a nice free plan that’s will let you send up to 6k messages a month I think, but some people find them a little more restrictive than say Aweber when it comes to the things you can promote with them.

I’d check out everyone on this list for yourself though http://blogs.sitepoint.com/2009/06/26/e-mail-marketing-services/