What information you give and receive from you client


1-What is the basic information you collect from your clients in order to start a project (name, email, address, phone, age, etc)?

2-What are the final files that the client formally receives after a project has been completed (.psd, swfs, html and css, login names and passwords etc…)?

3- What type a contract are you using? What are important keys for a contract to have?

Sorry if my questions have been already asked or don’t make sense but I’m trying to learn from the experts.

As always thanks a lot!

It depends up the scope of the project but usually you would get contact details of the clients at a bare minimum and probably ask what sort of budget they can afford. Obviously you’d also do analysis of what they want to achieve and their company or organisation background, etc.

Sometimes you might be just coding or retrofitting a few pages, in which case they might be simple code jobs and thus you are providing a markup service.

Usually written contracts are useful for legal reasons but in the past I have used gentleman’s agreements.

Thank you for your comments!