Customer proposals


I have a few questions about what is the best approach when bidding for work.

Imagine I have an interested client and he calls me up to discuss an idea he has for a web site. What do people do at this stage ? me I drop by in the office, discuss, take notes and look at examples of other sites if he has any which he likes.

At this stage I normally drop him a short document to repeat back to him what I understand he is looking for. I then build a few pages as an example of what the site will look like. If he likes what he sees then I set up a proper contract.

My question is this. Should I be doing more or less or doing things differently. Sometimes I lose work that I think I should win and I am trying to analyse why. I am not a born salesman that is for sure.

I have met people who create very nice PDF mocks up with full navigation step thru`s, before contract, this obviously takes time and effort. Others do that after contract signing.

Any thoughts would be very much appreciated. Am I missing anything here, should I be doing thinds differently ?

Provide some unique mockups but don’t spend days on it. Build your portfolio site so it encompasses your services and FAQ’s.

Let your portfolio define you.

Hi Troy

Thanks for your suggestions. Would you present the mock ups as actual HTML pages of as a photo shop mock up saved to PDF for example ?