How to make a project for a client?

Hi, I’m new here, and in webdesign in general. I’ve done a few courses, and have been doing some work for free. Recently I’ve had a client approach me asking for a redesign for their (currently crappy) website. This is my first formal (and paying) job, and I have to send him a project of how i intend to resolve the problem.
I’ve never had to do this before, when you work for free people tend not to be picky, so I could really use some help. What should a project have, what is important to include and explain?

First of all, ask them for explicit requirements you can quote. It’s the client who has to explain what they want. If they don’t know this themselves, you’re bound to do it wrong. :confused:

Yes, everything needs to be as clear as possible on both sides.
Kind of like select dropdown vs. textarea. i.e.
The select has exactly defined options, the textarea allows anything.

You don’t want to get caught in any “open ended” situation.

For example, compare, ,
“Make me a site”
“Make me a site with the content and images I will provide in a timely manner, design the pages to closely resemble my mock-ups, and include a contact form”

With the first you will likely be asked to make endless tweaks, asked to add features, and completion will be delayed my not having content you need to proceed provided when you need it.

Before you actually start work you need a contract that specifies a number of things (including but not limited to):

  1. what information they need to supply you and by when
  2. how long after that you will complete the job
  3. how many samples you will produce for them to choose between
  4. the payment schedule
  5. what happens if they want to change the scope of the work
  6. what support if any you will provide after the work is done
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One of the best places to start is to write out a specification of what the Client needs from this project, what their goals are and how they expect the project to affect them. You should create a contract. I recommend using Bonsai for this. Bonsai will guide you through pretty much everything that you need to get in writing before you start. Things like what is required of you, who owns the intellectual property, when you’ll be paid, etc.

I agree, Bonsai is a great tool, especially for newbies. Beside that, please bear in mind that a good code is its own best documentation. Good luck!

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