What hosting service to choose? I want to use a cronjob every minute


I have done my coding, now its time to purchase a hosting.

-I need a server good enough to handle atleast 1000 users online at the same time(i don’t think this will happen, but just in case).
-I need to use a cronjob that will run every minute all day long. It will run a php script every minute.
-I obviously would like something affordable.

-I want to have unlimited bandwith.
-And a mysql database with around 10000 tables.

Anyone has a good advice? What hosting service to choose?

For that you will need a reliable and optimized server.

I would suggest a dedicated server or a cloud server like Linode, AWS EC2 or Azure.

First you should setup your site and if your server crashes then you can easily upgrade your cloud servers.

The cloud servers that you setup yourself will be affordable but will take a lot of time to manage and keep them updated.

If you happen to not find time to manage them then you have providers like Cloudways, Kyup, ServerPilot etc.

As you described your query, I would also suggest a cloud server is most suitable for your requirement.

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We want you to recommend you “cloud hosting” according to the specs.
In cloud hosting, the website is moved or set up on the cloud server.

If you need more memory, more Bandwidth or more CPU.

Opt for Cloud Hosting due to the fact that the cloud hosting providers
have a large number of servers as they have highly skilled staff in
order to maintain the equipment & always available to handle any
kind of problem that you may have.

You’ll also get Hot Backups feature on your website that can easily set up
through the cloud hosting. It is more elastic as customers can use
extra bandwidth & space temporarily. Cloud Hosting also comes up
with maximum hybrid flexibility & a great cloud storage.

Okay, all, you can’t just spout out suggestions without giving reasons why and how it applies to the Original Poster’s situation. Any responses that simply name a provider will be deleted.

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I believe, anyone who has a big project, should consider that you need time to get there. When you launch your project, you won’t have all the users you expect to have, thats why its okay to begin with a shared hosting, which I did, and it is working great for me and my users. When it will get slow, than I will think about a better solution.

It would have been a waste to spend that much money on a cloud service, when you aren’t sure about the number of users you will get. Thats why, try to consider a bigger solution like cloud service, once you are sure you need it. Thats what I did, and I wanted to share it with yall.

I chose a very basic hosting service from GoDa***, and I do advice it for a beginning website. And the reason is: they have great customer service.

Any web hosting provider offers web hosting management tool for a client with the ability to set cron jobs without shell access via control panel GUI. Contemporary control panels have cron job scheduling functionality on dashboard, which simplifies the cron job scheduling. After you learn the basic scheduling, learn how to set up time through control panel tutorial, preferably with video. Although, free web hosting rarely allows setting cron jobs even if their control panel has that feature. If you urgently need to set a cron job, acquire a commercial web hosting for your website or blog.

Look if you are thinking to get 1000 of customers at a time in that case shared hosting will not work for you. Their is no hosting company that all even all 100 customers at a time in shared web hosting plan. I suggest you to go for at least a vitrual private server, dedicated hosting or cloud hosting.

Your question relies on how your application is implemented. Can it run on 10 instance of your application with a load balancer? It it can then you can simply purchase 10 cheap vm. I don’t know what to say for your 10k tables… For me, I would use commericial database provider like Firebase.

may i know what type project you want to host on this server?

As the OP stated in post #8 that they have made a decision and chosen their hosting, there is no need to continue this discussion.

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