What kind of web hosting best for 100,000 unique IP daily visit


I’m planing to launch a new web site. It’s a photo sharing web site and partially social network. I’ve have no idea which kind of web hosting we should use, because this is our first big project.

Though 100,000 unique IP daily visit is obviously exaggerate for a startup project right now, we have been thinking big since a our field test get very welcoming response.

The website would involve a lot of photo upload and comment and share and reuse.

I’ve been thing of Amazon CE2 package, but a bit confuse if a normal $15-$20 a month package can handle this and then we upgrade later when traffic reached an expected level.

I’m kind throwing coin now.

Thanks for advices

For a website getting that kind of traffic, you’ll probably need to invest more than $15 ~ $20 per month for hosting. You’ll probably need quite a bit of bandwidth for the photos, as well as storage (also for the photos) and if you’re planning to manipulate the images, that’ll require a bit of processing power.

However, you can try. Get the cloud hosting for $15, see if it fits your needs and scale as necessary. Just be somewhat prepared that you might need to pay a bit more for hosting a website with that kind of traffic.

Something like EC2 will give you the ability to scale to meet your demands, however, if you know you are going to be needing more resources straight off the bat then maybe you’d want to look at something more serious? There are some limitations with cloud based solutions and as they scale to large resources can be more costly than dedicated boxes.

Thanks for responses. I can figure it out now.

Have you looked into any one of these yet?

I bought a VPS hosting package from Hostgator. Just for starting…

youll need to make sure you check out your hosts carefully, look around sitepoint for vps hosts that can handle this for you./

Host gator has some great options for hosting. I would recommend them. Been using them for years now.

I would suggest to go for high-end VPS Hosting package and if still you found your website is lacking of resources then its time to for Dedicated Server.