Host - scalable, high traffic... cloud, shared, vps?

Hi all,
I’m building a website that will have subscribed members. It will have minimal traffic at the start, and hopefully at some point it will have you know, a lot of traffic, tens of thousands of members, each of whom may at various stage upload a photo or similar.
I have no idea what type of host to go with… Uptime is obviously extremely important, but so is scalability.
There are some expensive cloud hosting options… but is all that really necessary?
For someone reasonably technical i have no idea what the practical difference to the user will be between cloud, shared, dedicated and vps (what is vps?) hosting.
Please help, you gurus out there!

What is the best host(ing) for me? and [URL=“”]When is the time to move to dedicated server?


I did find, as a reseller from SoftLayer. Any one had experience with them?

Hi there, i searched SitePoint forums on hosting, and found some threads. Not sure if they’re the ones you mean. Someone recommended SoftLayer. I researched them and some of their resellers. All still seems a bit confusing to be honest. If there are specif threads worth looking at, i’d love to know which.
Any other insights certainly welcome.

I suppose that your web site has been hosted somewhere now. And you can ask your current web hosting company to suggest you something. Ask them what would be better for you. I’m sure they will give you best suggestion as they know you better.

Did you read the sticky threads on this?