What helps in effective forum submission?

there are lots of forum submission site but how can we get the efficiency from those site and what measures can be followed to achieve the goal:goof::goof::goof:

Forums are for discussing things. What is your aim? Sound like you might be considering a self promotional tour. That’s not what forums are for. :slight_smile:

Forum are meant for sharing and gaining knowledge on a wide variety of topics in which you are interested. It help you to gain more knowledge on specific topics through continuous communications in the form of comments, creating Threads etc.

There isn’t a single forum submission site. Forums are discussion platforms not submission platform. Forums are to discuss and share your problems, finding, views, knowledge, etc.

What do you actually mean by forum submission?

Forum submission is basically a platform where we discuss about various topics. Many people participate and discuss about various question answers, share their feedback, give advices and much more.
To make your forum posting effective and get efficiency

  1. Reply on the relevant posts
  2. Comment on the post if and only if you have knowledge about that topic.
  3. Before participating go through the guidelines of the forum site
  4. Follow do-follow sites

The forum is the way where you can share your knowledge and gain knowledge by asking queries to the member of the forum. It is also helpful for you promote your business.

Forum are the site usually meant for discussion, where the members of that forum can effectively share their views & opinion about a particular topics & have a discussion regarding a particular topics of their interest.

As the OP has never returned to this thread, and the discussion has already become repetitive, there seems little point in reviving it now.

Thanks to all who contributed. Thread closed.