What happens after you die

Frisbeetarianism has such an interesting theory, that after your soul leaves your body, it gets stuck on a roof somewhere.

Someone I know came up with another possibility. You are put in a tube and your name is stamped on the end cap, then you are loaded into a huge warehouse. (lots of room up there)

But if you want to know which of these possibilities is what actually happens, just rip off my copy and find out!

I always thought something like that would be fun to put up after a copyright notice on a website, not that I’ve actually done it.

After you die you’re dead.

Hindu Philosophy says that when you die you come to Earth again in the form of other animals like dog, cats etc.

This reminds me of the Halloween episode of the TV series “My Family” (UK), when Ben told an 8 year old kid… “Well Jimmy, you’ll either be locked in a box and fed to worms or you’ll be burned to a crisp and sprinkled over some flowers!” - I almost died of laughter when the kid burst into tears :lol:

We are nothing. I agree with James. When you die, you’re dead, buried and eaten by worms. And in a couple of generation, nobody will ever remember you…

Not unless you do something ground-breaking which will give your name immortality, I doubt anyone will forget about Charles Darwin any generation soon. :slight_smile:

Maggots will eat your corps and reincarnate with maggots body.

Will be held accountable for the deeds.

I guess that you would meet a Soul Mate hahaha

after you die, you are dead for eternity

and, as woody allen once observed, eternity is a very long time, especially near the end


Nice question, but I dont have an answer!!!

DMT is released into your brain and you have a somewhat LSD psychedelic experience but more intense with more visuals. That’s why most people are all like “ohh i see the light” or maybe to an extent of whatever they’ve convinced themselves of what will happen to them, expectations will affect your DMT “trip” when you die. After that your body starts to decompose. That’s about it I think, aside from the rest of the biological process.

Only can say what happen after we die, A human can’t say about this.

Good Question.But When you die, you’re dead.everybody know that.

Many of the major religions, including atheism, have a fairly consistent view that if you believe life continues, then it will. If however you believe death to be the end then it is the end you will receive.

People will remember me by these words that I am writing for them. Because they are going to read these after I die. One message before closing enjoy life…:lol:

[FONT=“Georgia”]Atheism is a religion?

That’s like saying, “Many of the major bags of salt, including empty ones, have salt in them.”


When i die thats it i dont belief in a after life.Fini no more

Not quite. That would be true if a religion was strictly a belief in deities, but there are religions that reject such belief which are defined as atheistic. Atheistic is not the same as irreligious. So yes, in general sense, atheism can be classified as a religion. :stuck_out_tongue:

atheist dont “believe” in anything, each individual carries their own thoughts and beleifs… its kinda like saying … all the strange people that dont beleive in flying spagetti monsters have a sick religeon… no they simply dont beleive , other than that they have no affiliation or anything else