True or False


Basically you say a statement and the next person either says true or false. The statement has to be directed at the person.

I'll start!

Next person is over 5 feet tall.

Word Association


Next person is posting from a laptop.



Next person is actually a cat locked in a closet coding a site



Next person is very hungry, and is thinking of which brain to eat stuck_out_tongue



Next person has big juicy brain.... mmm...


Tr --- er, false. Very uh. Small and unappetizing.

Next person is using a cordless mouse.



next person has long hair and dresses almost all the time as a hippy :afro:



next person is a robot


No... but sometimes I really doubt...

Next person has supernatural powers



Next person needs to shave



Next person needs to get off his chair and do some situps


True :lol:

Next person is a female



Next person has nothing else to do this afternoon/evening/morning than to answer posts like this



Next Person was abducted by aliens and rectally probed wink.



Ouch. No, false. Not that I remember.

The next person is a liar. smile



Next person wants to give me a million dollars


False, but I guess you'd never know, eh??

The person below me would rather be on top



False, you wish stuck_out_tongue

The next person possesses millions of dollars


what the heck :eek2:


False, i wish!

Off Topic:

What's the heck? stuck_out_tongue


N/A ^ forgot to post a question

Next person needs a good sleep

Off Topic:

Shaun not only posted at the same time as me but also knew I'm posting, and he knew he'd beat me to it.. could be just a coincidence as well :goof: