What does your forum signature say about you?

Most of you have something or other in your forum signature, links, messages, quotations and so on.

So tell us about your signature…

Why do you have a signature?
How do you decide what links to add (if any)
Do you update it often?

My sig changes to whatever I feel like putting in there, esp if I find something I think’s kinda cool. So right now it’s the Perl Conference in Europe (yay) and I’m removing the jQuery image for now, to promote Dordt In Stoom (the largest steam-power event in Europe, yay) since I’m going to check it out myself. Steam machines, they’re just cool… just because. When it’s over, I’ll prolly put a link to some funny Brads comic or something (yes, if you are a developer, you want to read the Brads). Or whatever.

Only once have I had a sig link that actually had anything to do with work of mine. Most of my work is for my boss or for a client, so, no point in linking it, and like Guido, I figure it’s in Dutch, so most people here couldn’t read it anyway.

I have clicked on other user’s sigs, either out of curiousity or whatever. Dr John’s kidney dialysis link, for the lawlz.

That’s great. You can contact me if you need some more information or help here in Warsaw.

My husband really really really wants to visit Warsaw. So, I expect we will some day : )

My signature is because I love my city - Warsaw, which has suffered a lot during last II World War: about 85% of the city had been destroyed and it managed to reborn.
Warsaw is also great because of its hospitality. There’s a place for everyone in Warsaw. It’s sometimes strange city but very friendly.

My signature was inspired by Dan Shulz (rest in peace) :slight_smile: As you can see the first line of my signature, the “SitePoint References” is copied from Dans third line of his signature. I liked the idea of this and thought this would be a good place to promote such brilliant resources. On the other hand, thinking about it, anyone who has half a brain can figure out that the SitePoint has these references and can go straight their from the main navigation menu at the top of each page :slight_smile: I’ll keep it in though, because I can and it’s free. :smiley:

The second line of my signature was to include another great resources that others may not have heard of: The Opera Web Standards Curriculum. I hadn’t heard of it for a while and then I had found out it had been online for a while. I figured that others may have been in the same situation - Spreading the good word of brilliant resources again!

That’s all my signature consists of currently. I keep meaning to update the “Educational Resources” line to include the WaSP InterACT Curriculum, I’ll do it some day :slight_smile:

And I’m personally too embarrased to show others the Websites I have online! :eek: :frowning: I wouldn’t add links to my own Websites anyway pretty much for that reason too.

100% totally agree. Although in your case I think that even if you had 5 different Website links in your signature it wouldn’t degrade the quality of yours posts by one bit. They’re simply too good. Besides, everything you’ve created is brilliant too! :wink:

Andrew Cooper

My signature is just my name for obvious reasons, a little memorial for Dan Schulz and a cheeky ‘work-grabbing’ line which annoys the hell out of me - and I wouldn’t have it there if I didn’t need it.

I used to have my favorite quote: “He who asks is a fool for 5 minutes - but he who doesn’t is a fool for a lifetime”. I think it represents sitepoint quite well :slight_smile:

Well, in my signature you find my name first.

Then I like to point to tutorials I have written here on SitePoint. They come in handy when repetitive questions are asked about a subject matter that I have written about.

Then I included a link to my site that is my biography, because some people like to know who I am when I post something that is said with authority.

Then I included a link to my site that is my biography, because some people like to know who I am when I post something that is said with authority.

Interesting Authority you are !

Well, I know a lot about design :slight_smile:

:rofl: I’ve pondered this myself some time ago! My signature has evolved since then but my principles are the same. I still view my presence on these Forums as being here purely for the great community spirit, fun, learning and helping others out where I can! :wink: I don’t have a problem with others availing of the promotional aspect a signature can offer (within reason) but personally I have learned far too much on these Forums for free, I guess I would consider it too cheeky to go that extra step and promote my websites too :nono: - that’s my personal approach/viewpoint not a criticism of anyone who does use it :tup:

My signature at the moment is linking to the Forum Guidelines; promotion is for the Forums only. I will update accordingly depending on the guidelines etc…

Mine is pretty self explanatory.

I LOVE fish.

I’d like to know why you DON’T have a signature Bluedreamer?
What are you trying to hide? :smiley:

Me - I went years before adding a signature until I thought I had something to add that others here could benefit from.

Prior to that, I thought it kinda silly to have a link to my web design site on a forum that catered to web designers (I wouldn’t imagine I’d pick up any design business that way) but I think it’s great of others want to show off their work.



Dark Reign 2 has an in game mesage “a new dawn, a new beginning”. It’s a good little obvious message that says don’t give up. I like honest, truthful messages in signatures.

I like the people that have adverts in their signatures, tells me which people to avoid :wink:

The link to my blog is a hangover from the days when I used to update it daily. Life has changed a bit since then!

The rest is self explanatory…

Good question - and well done for nearly being the first to comment on that fact!

As to why I don’t, well I don’t really want one, thats all :slight_smile:

… but then again it might be my Virgo mind at play!

It says that I pinched Hazel’s sig because it was AWESOME!

It also says that quite obviously I fully understand the female of the species… :x

I’ve had a signature since I first could have one (25 posts?) and - unlike bluedreamer - I’ve also had a link to my website in my profile links.

My first sig was an Edison quote. Something like “I haven’t failed, I’ve found 10,000 ways that don’t work” because it reflected my trial-and-error experience with code debugging.

Then I had links to various pages I thought might be useful to other members. eg. my list of WordPress functions. And I had “translations wanted” for the plugins for a while to get that jump-started.

As a Mentor I felt it was important to help promote various events such as “Community Awards - Vote!” so I had those from time to time.

That’s basically how I feel about it now as an Advisor. If I can help to make things visible to other members that will help the community, it’s in my signature. Updated as things evolve.

And I still have the link to my website in my profile. If someone wants to find it bad enough they can find it. No real need to promote it.

My sig changes dramatically from time to time, disappearing occasionally and changing themes. That actually describes me well :slight_smile:

Mine is pretty simple. It tells you I am dedicated to my QuickInbox project and use the space to advertise it because I think SitePoint users will find it very useful :slight_smile:

Also, I love affiliate marketing and working with PeerFly.

Of course, I’m on Twitter as well.