Hi, I haven’t been on this community for a while since the year 2001 I was just wondering how do I edit my signature? Thanks

There’s an option in your profile for editing your signature (its only hidden from those who haven’t been members for long enough yet). Not sure if it is worth editing a signature at this time though as SitePoint will soon be moving to a new environment where no one will be able to add signatures to their posts.

Just so you don’t have to dig around for it

And the rules regarding signatures are here:


Can I use my logo / banner / picture as Signature???
Please reply me asap (and, sorry if I missed- anyone already answered this questions).

No, you can’t. Signatures are text only.

Well, except for smilies if you count them :wink:

But, my signature is not showing Publically! Why???
My account was created last year, so it’s almost 7-8 months now! When It’ll be showed?

It’s showing on this post. But be aware that we are moving to a new platform in the next few weeks, where there won’t be signatures any more. So don’t get too attached to this feature!

  • Why Sir???
    I think Signature System is one of the main functions in - "V-Bulletion " platform!

If you, disable the signature systems then any replacement with this system?
And, what more new features or changes will be done???

We are switching from vBulletin to the newer Discourse platform. (You can read about its features here: This platform doesn’t include signatures—as they don’t feel they belong in a modern forum (because of clutter and other things, I guess). A lot of people only visit forums for the signature exposure, which is really the wrong reason to hang around anyway … so hopefully this new era in forums will weed out some of those who don’t really belong in such a place.

In fact there’s a chance that when the existing forum gets changed into a collection static html pages, posts here may not have Signatures, just as there may no longer be Profile pages.
Content will remain, as that’s what’s most important.

Really? I would have thought that the opportunity to participate in high-quality discussions was the most important function. If the main reason you’re here is to expose your signature then you’re probably not here for the right reasons. Seriously, how many people do you think are going to click on your signature links?

It just seems like the profile helps to identify certain visual cues that aren’t present in an online medium. Call me weird, or different, but I always like to click on the sig and any links I see, to know better whom I am dealing with…err, a, having discourse with. I especially like the short descriptions that give me a more personal idea of who you all are. Will we All be Assimilated?

Totally agree with you on this Erin, but I don’t think that signatures are the solution. Discourse allows you to create a profile page with links, so you still have that option to research someone, you just don’t have the links on every post. It feels like the perfect compromise to me. You get your links, I don’t have to deal with people that are only here to abuse signatures.


I agree. One of the things I don’t like about Discourse is the lack of immediate information about the poster. Yes, I can visit their profile page, but here I can see some details immediately, like post count, location, signature and (sometimes) customised titles, like ralph.m’s “It’s all Geek to me” and molona’s #titanic {float:none}. I think those wee touches can tell you a great deal about somebody at a glance, and help to build a sense of community.

Like HAWK, I won’t be sorry to see an end to signature abuse, but I suspect we’ll still get people adding “fake” signatures, as we do now. I just hope committed members take advantage of the community moderation facilities and help us deal with all the nonsense.[/ot]

Agreed, but we’ll have a ‘two strikes and you’re out’ policy in place, with a hard line. That will give people that make genuine mistakes a warning, and those that are abusing it will be outta here.

Thanks for sharing about signature editing , i am new user and more valuable for me

Thanks more.

I Wanna ask something here. Sitepoint signature is do-follow or no-follow.

No-follow - as are all external links here.